For teachers

The Beatles in Australia is an exhibition that explores the story of The Beatles’ tour of Australia in June 1964, how it was planned, how it unfolded and its lasting impact on Australian society.

This interactive exhibition presents a rich selection of objects, images and audiovisuals from museums, fans and collectors and will provide students with the opportunity to explore key themes of the tour relevant to history, society and culture, popular culture and music.

A visit to the exhibition will allow students to actively engage with history to learn about:

  • British influences on Australian popular culture in the 1960s.
  • The impact of The Beatles’ tour on Australian consumerism and social interaction in the 1960s.
  • The impact that The Beatles’ tour in Australia had on accelerating the pace of social change in Australian society during the 1960s.

Secondary School educational programs

Arts Centre Melbourne is running the following Secondary School educational programs:

Learning resources

The following resources and education programs have been developed by the Powerhouse Museum in response to the NSW secondary school curriculum but visitors may wish to read them before a visit to the exhibition:

  • Teachers exhibition notes [low-res pdf] [hi-res pdf]
  • Exhibition pre-visit slideshow [click here]
  • Stage 5 History support notes and unit of work [low-res pdf] [hi-res pdf]
  • Stage 6 Society and Culture support notes and unit of work [low-res pdf] [hi-res pdf]
  • Primary source analysis activity (Stage 5 History and Stage 6 Society & Culture) [low-res pdf] [hi-res pdf]
    Activity questions relating to the analysis of primary source materials featured within the exhibition including documents, objects, oral histories and photographs
  • Student exhibition workbook (Stage 5 History and Stage 6 Society & Culture) [low-res pdf] [hi-res pdf]
    Designed for students to analyse the source material displayed within the exhibition in order to explore the stories behind The Beatles’ tour of Australia in 1964.