5 July 1963
Concert promoter Kenn Brodziak in London makes a verbal agreement with agent Cyril Berlin to tour The Beatles for £1000 per week

14 October 1963
Fee for The Beatles' Australasian tour increased to £1500 per week

23 November 1963
Fee for The Beatles' Australasian tour increased to £2500 per week

January 1964
Disc jockey Bob Francis organises petition for Adelaide

15 March 1964
Brodziak tells Bob Francis that Adelaide is to be included

13 April 1964
Tickets go on sale in Sydney and Melbourne

20 April 1964
12,000 tickets go on sale in Adelaide and sell out in five and a quarter hours

22 April 1964
Australian High Commissioner Sir Eric Harrison throws a cocktail party reception for The Beatles at Australia House, where they sample Tasmanian apples

Wednesday 3 June 1964
Ringo is taken ill with tonsillitis and pharyngitis and is rushed to hospital. Jimmie Nicol is summoned to rehearse as a stand-in.

Thursday 4 June 1964
Beatles depart London for Copenhagen
Rehearsals with Jimmie Nicol at Tivoli Garden
Concert in Copenhagen, Denmark

Friday 5 June 1964
Fans engulf the stage during a mimed performance on Dutch TV
Beatles are paraded through Amsterdam's canals in a boat

Saturday 6 June 1964
Concert in Blokker, Netherlands

Sunday 7 June 1964
Beatles travel from Amsterdam to London airport, where they pick up John Lennon's Aunt Mimi
Board flight for Hong Kong, with stopovers in Beirut and Karachi

Monday 8 June 1964
Stopovers in Calcutta and Bangkok. Arrive Hong Kong.

Tuesday 9 June 1964
Two concerts in Hong Kong.

Wednesday 10 June 1964
Beatles depart Hong Kong for Australia

Thursday 11 June 1964
2.35am Unscheduled landing in Darwin greeted by 400 fans and journalists
7.43am BOAC flight lands in Sydney; in pouring rain, The Beatles are paraded around the tarmac on the back of a truck to greet the fans
4.30pm Press conference at Sheraton Hotel

Friday 12 June 1964
Beatles fly to Adelaide.
12.05pm Motorcade under police escort to Adelaide Town Hall. 300,000 people line the route.
12.45pm Town Hall balcony appearance.
Two concerts at Centennial Hall, Adelaide

Saturday 13 June 1964
Two concerts at Centennial Hall, Adelaide

Sunday 14 June 1964
12.15pm Beatles leave South Australian Hotel for airport
Ringo Starr and Brian Epstein arrive in Sydney from San Francisco and fly to Melbourne
3.15pm Beatles arrive at Essendon airport; 20,000 people on route to city
Approx 4.10pm Beatles arrive at Southern Cross Hotel and are reunited with Ringo
Balcony appearance to 20,000 people
5pm Press conference with Ringo and Jimmie

Monday 15 June 1964 (public holiday)
8am Jimmie Nicol leaves for Essendon airport to fly to Brisbane, then London
12.30pm Beatles attend EMI Records reception with buffet luncheon
2.15pm Presentation by National Fan Club
Two concerts at Festival Hall, Melbourne

Tuesday 16 June 1964
12.30pm Lord Mayor's reception, Melbourne Town Hall
Two concerts at Festival Hall, Melbourne

Wednesday 17 June 1964
Brian Epstein addresses the National Press Club lunch in Canberra
George Harrison goes driving in an MG in the Dandenongs
Two concerts at Festival Hall, Melbourne

Thursday 18 June 1964
9.10 Beatles depart Southern Cross Hotel for Essendon airport
11.40am Arrive Sydney
Two concerts at Sydney Stadium
Daily Mirror hosts 22nd birthday party for Paul at Sheraton Hotel

Friday 19 June 1964
Two concerts at Sydney Stadium

Saturday 20 June 1964
Two concerts at Sydney Stadium

Sunday 21 June 1964
9.30am 10,000 fans at Sydney airport watch Beatles' aircraft leave for Wellington
Arrival in Wellington; 7000 fans at airport
Press conference and balcony appearance at Hotel St George

Monday 22 June 1964
Two concerts at Wellington Town Hall

Tuesday 23 June 1964
Two concerts at Wellington Town Hall

Wednesday 24 June 1964
Arrive Auckland, 300 fans at airport
Two concerts at Auckland Town Hall

Thursday 25 June 1964
Press conference, Lord Mayor's reception
Two concerts at Auckland Town Hall

Friday 26 June 1964
Arrive Dunedin
Two concerts at Dunedin Town Hall

Saturday 27 June 1964
Arrive Christchurch; press conference
Two concerts at Majestic Theatre, Christchurch

Sunday 28 June 1964
Fly Christchurch to Auckland; depart Whenuapai airport, Waitakere, Auckland
9.35pm Arrive Sydney; transfer flight to Brisbane

Monday 29 June 1964
12.08am Arrive Eagle Farm airport, Brisbane
8,000 people at Brisbane airport; some youths throw eggs
Morning: press conference at Lennon's Hotel
Two concerts at Festival Hall, Brisbane

Tuesday 30 June 1964
George and Paul drive to a Gold Coast beach
Two concerts at Festival Hall, Brisbane

Wed 1 July 1964
Early drive from Lennon's Hotel to Brisbane airport
Fly Brisbane to Sydney; more interviews at Sydney airport
12 noon: Depart for London on Qantas

Friday 3 July 1964
The Beatles arrive home in England to be greeted by 100 fans



21 March

South African police kill 69 black protestors in the Sharpeville massacre

30 June            Independence from Belgium starts a long civil war in the Congo
31 July Malayan government declares the state of emergency is over, as the communist forces are defeated
26 September

The first of four televised Nixon V Kennedy presidential debates

8 November

US voters choose John F. Kennedy, youngest elected president in history



15 March

South Africa withdraws from the Commonwealth

12 April

Yuri Gagarin becomes the first person in space and to orbit the earth

17 April

CIA-funded invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs fails

5 May Alan Shepard becomes the first American to travel in space
13 August

Construction of Berlin Wall begins



19 March Bob Dylan releases his first album, Bob Dylan, in the US
3 July

France recognises Algerian independence

10 July

Launch of Telstar, the world's first communications satellite, enables live TV pictures to be transmitted from the USA to France

5 August Marilyn Monroe found dead from an overdose of sleeping pills
5 August Nelson Mandela arrested
1 October

Escorted by federal marshalls, James Meredith becomes the first black student to register at the University of Mississippi

14 October

Cuban missile crisis begins



19 February

Publication of The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, a milestone in the US Women's Movement

21 June           

Pope Paul VI succeeds Pope John XXIII

8 August

England's  Great Train Robbery

28 August

Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream speech', a defining moment in the US Civil Rights movement


Formation of the Federation of Malaysia ignites the Indonesia/Malaysia Confrontation

22 November

President Kennedy assassinated

23 November

First episode of Doctor Who is screen on BBC TV



25 February

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) defeats Sonny Liston to become world heavyweight boxing champion

19 June

US Senate passes President Johnson's Civil Rights Bill


The Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which the North Vietnamese are provoked into firing upon the American destroyer Maddox, leads to the escalation of American military commitment in Vietnam

5 August

President Johnson orders the US Air Force to bomb North Vietnam, after reports that the Maddox and Turner Joy have been attacked

10 October The 18th Olympic Games begin in Tokyo
15 October

Martin Luther King awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaign of racial equality

15 October

Harold Wilson's Labour Party elected to government in UK

15 October

Nikita Kruschev's fall from power in USSR

3 November

Johnson defeats Goldwater in US presidential election



24 January Death of Sir Winston Churchill
8 March

President Johnson sends the first US ground troops to Vietnam, starting a dramatic increase in US troop commitment

8 July

Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs escapes from London's Wandsworth Prison

28 July

President Johnson announces an increase in American troops in Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000

9 August

Singapore officially withdraws from the Federation of Malaysia

11 August

Race riots in the predominantly black Los Angeles neighbourhood of Watts; after six days at least 34 people are dead

9 November

Power failure blacks out New York, parts of New England and Canada

11 November

Ian Smith, head of the white minority government in Rhodesia, makes a unilateral declaration of independence from Britain, provoking economic sanctions



19 January Indira Gandhi elected Prime Minister of India
31 March

UK general election sees Harold Wilson's Labour Party returned with an increased majority

29 April

US troops in Vietnam total 250,000


Mao's Cultural Revolution begins in China; millions will be persecuted as he asserts his authority

29 July

Bob Dylan injured in a motorcycle accident; ceases touring for eight years

15 October

Huey Newton and Bobby Seale form the Black Panther Party in USA



14 January

Hippies attend the first 'Human Be-In' at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

4 March South Africa rejects the idea of a cricket series against the West Indies because it would involve 'non-whites'
24 April

Muhammad Ali is stripped of the world heavyweight boxing title for refusing to enter the US army

5 June

Israel attacks Egypt to start the Six Day War

16-18 June

Monterey Pop Festival in California

6 July

Civil war breaks out in Nigeria

23 July

Detroit race riot begins; after four days 43 people are dead

9 October Che Guevara killed in Bolivia
9 November Rolling Stone magazine first published in San Francisco
2 December

Launch of full colour TV service on Britain's BBC2

3 December

Dr Christian Barnaard conducts world's first heart transplant operation in Capetown

10 December

Death of soul singer Otis Redding in a plane crash



22 January

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In brings topical humour to TV screens

16 March

My Lai massacre in Vietnam

4 April

Assassination of Martin Luther King


Student protests and general strike in France

6 June Assassination of US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy
20 August

Czechoslovakia's experiments in democracy end as Soviet tanks enter

26-29 August Riots outside Democratic Party convention in Chicago
5 November Election of President Nixon in USA


2 January

Rupert Murdoch buys Britain's largest selling Sunday newspaper, News of the World

4 February

Yasser Arafat becomes leader of Palestine Liberation Organisation

17 March Golda Meir becomes first female Prime Minister of Israel
20 April British troops arrive in Northern Ireland
15 June Georges Pompidou elected president of France
28 June

Stonewall riots in New York mark the beginning of the Gay Rights movement

4 July Release of John Lennon's 'Give Peace a Chance' by his Plastic Ono Band
21 July           

Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong walks on the moon

15-18 August

Woodstock music festival in New York state

20 September

John Lennon tells the other Beatles he is leaving the group

5 October

Monty Python's Flying Circus first screened on BBC TV

21 October

Willy Brandt becomes chancellor of West Germany

6 December Violence at Rolling Stones Altamont concert symbolises the end of the 1960s


10 April

Paul McCartney announces his departure from The Beatles

29 April

US invades Cambodia

4 May

Four students are shot dead by the National Guard at Kent State University in Ohio

18 June

Election of Edward Heath's Conservative government in UK

31 December

Paul McCartney files a suit for the dissolution of The Beatles' contractual partnership




Concert promoter Lee Gordon brings to Australia Crash Craddock, Duane Eddy, Tommy Sands, Chan Romero, Jerry Lee Lewis, Everly Brothers, Bobby Rydell, Pat Boone, Harry Belafonte, Ricky Nelson


Kenn Brodziak's Aztec Services brings to Australia the Dave Brubeck Quartet, Winifred Atwell, Lonnie Donegan and George Shearing

7 March

Arthur Calwell replaces H. V. Evatt as leader of the Australian Labour Party

April-May The Mouseketeers tour Australia
27 June

Johnny O'Keefe is injured when he crashes his car near Kempsey, NSW


Lee Gordon opens the Big Boy Drive-In restaurant at Taverner's Hill in Sydney


Lee Gordon loses money promoting the 1st Annual Aust International Jazz Festival, a massive tour starring Dizzy Gillespie, Teddy Wilson, Jonah Jones Quartet, Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy Rushing, Dakota Staton, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Gene McDaniels, Coleman Hawkins, Al Hibbler and Ray Price's Port Jackson Jazz Band





Lee Gordon brings to Australia Sammy Davis Jr, Bobby Rydell, Brenda Lee, Duane Eddy, Chubby Checker, Connie Francis, the Ventures, Johnny Burnette, Bobby Vee, Frank Sinatra


Lee Gordon disappears, has a mental breakdown and is admitted to Mt Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles


Tours of Australia by Jimmie Rodgers, Dion, Freddie Cannon, Roy Orbison, Marty Robbins, Kingston Trio

1961 Australian economy goes into a brief recession, due to a credit squeeze
1961 Introduction of the oral contraceptive pill in Australia
25 February

Last Sydney tram runs, on the La Perouse line

19 August

Four Corners begins on ABC TV

October Aztec Services presents Cliff Richard & the Shadows
9 December Menzies government narrowly re-elected



Lee Gordon brings to Australia Chubby Checker, Del Shannon, Lenny Bruce

1962 Lee Gordon tours a Twist show in USA but it flops
1962 Aztec Services tours Helen Shapiro

Completion of coaxial cable linking Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, facilitating the rapid exchange of information and making the beginning of national TV networks technically possible

1962 The ABC installs its first videotape recording facilities in capital city stations

Commonwealth Electoral Act gives all Indigenous Australians the right to enrol and vote at federal elections, removing restrictions applying in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory




Folk music booms with Australian tours by Peter Paul & Mary and Trini Lopez

1 January Scientist Dr Gilbert Bogle and Mrs Margaret Chandler are found dead, presumed poisoned

ABC uses coaxial cable for national live coverage of test cricket

1963 TV stations GTV-9 and TCN-9 align to form the National Television Network, with QTQ-9 and NWS-9. The Australian Television Network is formed by HSV-7 and ATN-7, along with BTQ-7 and ADS-7.

Promoter John Harrigan turns the Kings Cross Theatre into a live venue called Surf City


The Yolngu people of Yirrkala in Arnhem Land send painted bark petitions to the House of Representatives asserting ownership of their land

6 November

Lee Gordon dies in a London hotel room, under mysterious circumstances

November Jimmy Little's recording of 'Royal Telephone' released by Festival Records
30 November

Menzies government is returned with an increased majority, in the first live national TV coverage of a federal election

1963 Menzies knighted



Australian tours by Peter, Paul & Mary, Screaming Lord Sutch, Ray Charles, The Searchers, Peter and Gordon, Del Shannon

January The height of the summer of surf music

Harry M. Miller promoter of the Surfside '64 tourTheBeach Boys, Roy Orbison, The Surfaris, Paul & Paula, The Joyboys

10 February

The RAN's destroyer Voyager sinks after a collision with aircraft carrier Melbourne in Jervis Bay, with 82 dead. A Royal Commission will blame Voyager.


Harry M. Miller promoter of the Liverpool Sound tour -- Gerry & the Pacemakers, Dusty Springfield, Gene Pitney, Brian Poole & the Tremeloes

1 May

NSW becomes the last state to increase the speed limit in built-up areas from 30 miles per hour to 35 (56 kms per hour)


Harry M. Miller promoter of the ill-fated Judy Garland tour

17 June The Beatles Sing for Shell recorded by GTV-9, screened early July

Harry M. Miller tours classical pianist Artur Rubinstein

15 July Rupert Murdoch starts The Australian newspaper
25 July

Cricketer Bob Simpson scores 311, his first test century, against England at Old Trafford

1 August

Melbourne's third commercial TV station ATV-0 opens


Aztec Services presents the Mersey Beat Show -- Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas, Rob E G, The Cicadas, Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs

23 September

Editors of satirical underground magazine Oz, Richard Neville, Richard Walsh and Martin Sharp, are jailed for publishing an 'obscene publication'

28 September

Australia's tennis players regain the Davis Cup, defeating the USA

13 October

Dawn Fraser wins her third consecutive Olympic 100 metres freestyle gold medal in Tokyo

20 October

First episode of Homicide screens in Melbourne; the show lasts 12 years

11 November Mavis Bramston Show first aired (in Sydney and Canberra)
11 November

National Service Act is passed into law, meaning that men aged 20 will be conscripted to military training. Conscripts to be chosen by ballot based on date of birth.


ATV-0's first Australian production The Go!! show launched, hosted by Alan Field


Australian tours by P.J. Proby, The Bachelors, Gene Pitney


Aztec Services presents 'The Big Show' -- Manfred Mann, The Kinks, The Honeycombs, Tony Sheveton, Tony Worsley & the Blue Jays


Harry M. Miller tours TheRolling Stones, Roy Orbison, The Newbeats

12 January The bodies of two schoolgirls are found at Sydney's Wanda Beach; the murders remain unsolved
18 January

Registration forms for National Service are available at all post offices. All males turning 20 between 1 January and 30 June must register within three weeks.


Freedom Ride, led by Charles Perkins, draws attention to racial discrimination in country NSW

1 March

Dawn Fraser and three other female swimmers are given long bans by the Australian Swimming Union after reports of misbehaviour at the Tokyo Olympics

6 March

Large bushfires in Victoria and NSW


Aztec Services presents Cilla Black, Sounds Incorporated, Freddie & the Dreamers

5 April

New Sydney TV channel TEN-10 opens

29 April Menzies announces Australia will send troops to Vietnam
13 May

Bob Askin becomes first Liberal Premier of NSW


Australian government amends the Defence Act, meaning National Servicemen could be forced to serve overseas.

May-June Aztec Services presents 'The Big Show' -- Dave Clark Five, The Seekers, Tommy Quickly, Bobby & Laurie
30 June

Australia's first major military action in Vietnam during an attack on a communist jungle stronghold near Bien Hoa


Normie Rowe's double-sided hit 'Que Sera Sera'/'Shakin All Over' stays on the charts for 28 weeks and sells more than 100,000 copies

1 July TVQ-0 commences transmission in Brisbane
7 July

The Don Lane Show and In Melbourne Tonight share a split screen via coaxial cable, in an Australian first

9 July

Australian golfer Peter Thompson wins his fifth British Open championship

30 October

British model Jean Shrimpton shocks the establishment by wearing a short dress to Derby Day at Flemington, with no hat or gloves

26 November

Police stop an Easybeats concert in Brisbane after 16,000 teenagers riot, trying to climb on the stage

27 November

The Seekers reach Number 1 in Britain with 'The Carnival Is Over'

14 December

Doug Walters scores 165 against England in his first cricket Test


Australia's third commercial television network is formed by the new stations TEN-10, ATV-0, TVQ-0 and SAS-10




Australian tours by The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Searchers, Tom Jones, Herman's Hermits, P.J. Proby, Eden Kane


Normie Rowe headlines his own national tour


The ban on the employment of married women in the Commonwealth Public Service is lifted

26 January Menzies retires; Harold Holt becomes Prime Minister
14 February

Introduction of decimal currency

18 July Play School begins on ABC TV
18 August

Battle of Long Tan, between Australian forces and the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese army units; entertainers Little Pattie and Col Joye are caught on the fringes

18 September

St George wins the last of eleven rugby league grand finals in a row, defeating Balmain 23-4

24 September St Kilda wins its first and only VFL grand final, defeating Collingwood by one point
20 October

Lyndon Johnson becomes the first serving US President to visit Australia

October The Easybeats release 'Friday on my Mind'
25 November

Down Under Comes Up Live  screened on BBC, the first television transmission linking Australia with overseas, using the commercial global satellite network known as Intelsat II

26 November

Holt government re-elected; the Vietnam War is the key election issue





Australian tours by Roy Orbison, The Yardbirds, Walker Brothers, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

3 February

Ronald Ryan becomes the last person legally executed in Australia

7 February Black Tuesday bushfires kill 62 in Tasmania
8 February Gough Whitlam becomes leader of the Australian Labor Party
10 April

This Day Tonight begins on ABC TV

17 April

The first legal talkback radio program goes to air, hosted by Mike Walsh on 2SM

27 May

Over 90% of Australians vote 'Yes' in a referendum to change the constitution to allow Aborigines to be included in the population count and to allow the federal government to legislate for them

29 May Release of the $5 note
30 May

NSW Attorney General's and Justice departments ban employees wearing short skirts and coloured stockings

7 June

Australia takes part in a global live satellite telecast highlighting Expo 67 in Montreal

25 June

Our World, a two-hour satellite telecast screened simultaneously in 30 countries, includes segments produced in 18 countries, including Australia


Tennis player John Newcombe wins his first Wimbledon singles title

October The first US servicemen arrive from Vietnam on Rest and Recreation (R&R) leave
17 December

Prime Holt Minister Holt disappears in dangerous surf at Cheviot Beach





Australian tours by The Who, The Small Faces, The Monkees

10 January

John Gorton, newly elected leader of the Liberal Party, becomes Prime Minister

February Normie Rowe inducted into the army
26 February

Aboriginal boxer Lionel Rose defeats Fighting Harada to become world bantamweight champion

8 August  

Copyright Act passed by Australian Parliament




Normie Rowe sent to fight in Vietnam

13 April

The last tram runs in Brisbane

5 June

Opening of Australian production of the American stage music Hair

21 July Australian television broadcasts live coverage of the Apollo II moon landing
25 October

Gorton government narrowly re-elected; David Williamson later sets his play Don's Party on this night


Crawford Productions and GTV-9 launch Division 4, which becomes the second highest rating Australian program after Homicide



8 May

First Moratorium demonstration against the Vietnam War attended by 100,000 people in Melbourne

1 June

Last concert before demolition of Sydney Stadium – The Four Tops, The Flying Circus

December Pope Paul VI visits Australia

ABC begins telecasts of an entire Ashes series for the first time. England wins two nil.